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Private Lunch/Dinner in Palermo or Reitano

We want to show you our Palermo but conforlly sitting a tour table! So join us on a street food taste that focuses on Sicilian food and traditions.

Take this intimate taste and spend some quality time with a guide who is passionate about Sicilian food and wine.

On our Street Food Taste: Palermo, you’ll explore the best well made delights of traditional street food odf Palermo, at the table of a nice and charming Living room of a 18th cent. Palazzo.

By the end of your experience you will have tasted some of Palermo’s most delectable dishes and gained a deeper appreciation of our culture and heritage.

Cheap, fast and tasty: street food is also a great way to learn about traditions and culture of Palermo. They call it Street Food, the art of eating on the street. Invented some three thousand years ago is back in fashion.

Perfect way to get to know a city through its gastronomic traditions and discover the flavours of traditional dishes using local poor and simple ingredients.


Tasting of: Arancine con carne, Arancine al burro, potato Crocchè, Pani ca’ Meusa, Pane Panelle e Crocchè, Musso, Masciddaro, Carcagnolo, Cannolo and coffè.

Assistance with language translation


Glass of beer or wine

Group Size – maximum of 10. (Suitable for both adults and children)

Language: Italian – English – French – Spanish

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