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Team Building & Events Class

Siciliandays provides unique Team Building and Events for those with a love of food and desire to share this passion with a group of friends or collegues.

Want a fun hen party experience? Looking for an unusual team building event? Want to celebrate a seasonal event with your team? We can provide you with a wonderful team building experience focused around cooking classes either in our Palermo historical center location or at Nucidda, our rustic Sicilian country house in Reitano.

We truly believe in the value of learning to cook together. What’s more, with over 10 years of experience, we are experts at delivering fantastic corporate events. And we do so in a relaxed and informal, yet professionally structured environment. Our highly-engaging and immersive cooking events are designed to break down hierarchy and barriers while fostering competitive team spirit.

With menus tailored to each client and requirement, our corporate events both challenge and teach attendees, all the while equiping them with real skills and the delicious recipes from our cookbook that they can use at home, again and again.

Under the guidance of our fully trained professional chefs, you’ll learn their trade secrets in how to create and present simpe Sicilian dishes.

You will leave with a shared sense of achievement, having prepared and savoured a delicious meal together.

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