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Market Tour, Cooking and Limoncello Class

Discover the secrets of traditional Sicilian cuisine with this hands-on cooking class and learn how to make authentic limoncello.

In this class you will learn how to cook some of most authentic and typical Sicilian dishes such as pasta al forno, sarde a beccafico, arancine, pasta con le sarde, involtini di pesce spada, cannoli, cassata and much more.

We start our time together with a walking tour around the vibrant Capo Market, where Chef Patricia or Giuliana will provide you with plenty of tips on how to choose from the many local, seasonal products. Together we will visit the fruit & vegetable vendors to find out what’s in season and the fishmonger to choose the best fresh catch of the day.

Along the way back to the cooking studio you will pass through the most beautiful historical area of the city, rich with monuments and beauty.

Arriving at our charming apartment inside a noble 18th century Palazzo, just in front of the Cathedral, you’ll be welcomed to the kitchen with a refreshing glass of Sicilian wine while you unpack your market purchases and discuss the delicious menu that lay ahead of you

In your class you will learn how to make authentic Sicilian Limoncello following a very traditional recipe and method. We start off the class with an informal discussion on the history behind the lemons and how they made their way to the area. The lemons we use are: Femminello, Lunario, and Verdello that we grow in our farm nearby the natural park of Nebrodi, situated in front of the Eolian Isles. These are naturally raised, organic lemons that blossom and bloom four times per year. Then it is hands-on, where you will peel, mix and make the famous lemon liqueur. At the end you will take away a bottle with you!

Each hands-on cooking class includes the preparation of a full Sicilian menu including a typical Sicilian dessert. Lunch follows featuring the foods prepared in class and are accompanied by a selection of very good, local Sicilian wines. Dessert is included.

You will discover what makes Sicilian cuisine different: the food certainly, but there’s much much more. Take home the taste of Sicily! Don’t miss out!

We only use fresh and seasonal ingredients to ensure authenticity and because of this the menus prepared will be in accordance with seasonal and market availability. All of our dishes are based on the more historically important Sicilian recipes, focusing on pasta, fresh fish/meat, vegetable dishes, delectable sweets and Sicilian limoncello.


A typical lunch menu prepared in a truly authentic Sicilian style will consist of:

  • A Primo (pasta)
  • A Secondo (fish or meat)
  • A side dish such as ‘’Eggplant Caponata’’ or other seasonal vegetables
  • Dolce (dessert)
  • Limoncello Preparation


During the preparation you will taste local wines and cheeses, olives and the extra virgin olive oil made in Nucidda, at our country house. At Nucidda we also provide cooking classes, wine tastings, parties of any type and other foodie experiences or events you can inquire about.

All our guests will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment signed by the Chef.

All our recipes can be found in our Cookbook: ‘’Seriously Sicilian – Authentic Recipes for Hungry Families’’, available in our location or on the internet at this link: https://it.blurb.com/b/10604836-seriously-sicilian so you do not need to take notes! Just chill out and drink Vino!

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