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About Us

I was born and raised in Palermo, and have always been passionate about cooking, food, wines, and history. For that I have always called myself a cook, by chance. I’m not a classically trained and professional chef but am simply a good cook who is passionate about Sicilian food. I thoroughly enjoy cooking for friends and family. In my family I never ate the same dish the following day, always something different! And my mother made the bread almost everyday, still today I remember the smell of it in our kitchen while I was studying. And I was an excellent student maybe thanks to this!

My life has been very different from my mother’s one, much more active  outside the home, and while working a lot I have never lost my passion for cooking, for my family and friends. The most fascinating aspect of my work is to get to know how travellers get involved in local traditions, to see the curiosity that push them to explore many areas of our land, trying to create a connection with local artisans, vendors, and to feel their passion about this. Discovering and confirming as well that human beings are everywhere the same, and all of them elevate their condition just creating something, that can be an object, a painting, a pottery or a good well made dish!

I feel proud to have my daughter Giuliana, who chose to study in a very good cooking school in Rome to become a chef. I feel at ease making ‘mistakes’ in my traditional way of cooking, while my Chef Giuliana corrects me along the way, ensuring that everything turns out so good!

I am so fortunate to have her as my daughter and partner in our cooking school.

Our cookbook “Seriously Sicilian” will be the inspiration of our courses. We’ve assembled many of our favorites in this book and have included a great variety of tasty dishes that are destined to become your new favorites!

That’s our simple background and purpose: trying to share this passion with our guests during their visits to Sicily. What is important to me is that you get the most out of your visit and feel that you have connected with locals, to feel the authenticity of our island, and to make you feel at home.

Please be sure to share your cooking experiences with family and friends, as there is nothing more fun than cooking as a group, then sit down to devour all the great things you made together. Oh, and don’t forget the vino!

Culinary Delights: Your Personal Sicilian Chef Experience