Private CHEF in Palermo - Sicily   Personal Chef in Palermo!  Chef at Home - Private Chef in Sicily

Seeking the most authentic Sicilian cuisine?
Or maybe just an easy meal at home where you don’t have to lift a finger?

Just contact Giuliana Nocera and your Personal Chef will arrive directly at your home.

Personal Chef in Palermo

I speak Spanish, English, Italian.

You’ll have a real restaurant in your kitchen, we’ll make your culinary wishes come true and your palate will be satisfied in an unforgettable way.
Make your event unique, but at the same time stay comfortably at home! You can choose a theme dinner or enjoy various dishes coming from all over Italy!


PRIVATE CHEF IN Palermo - Sicily


Hire a private chef to make the evening really unique, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary !

The Chef at Home service is completely flexible to your preferences, whether you’d like to help side-by-side prepare the meal with your personal chef or you’d like to walk through the door to find a fully prepared dinner waiting for you.

It’s also the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.


Personal chef

Giuliana Nocera, young and dynamic chef, is at your disposal as a personal chef

or to organize cooking classes directly at your home or villa.

You do not want to cook, or do you have a birthday, an anniversary or a special event to celebrate and look for someone who cooks for you unique dishes inspired by the Sicilian tradition? Then you need a personal chef!

The advantage of calling a chef directly to your home, is that you can taste unique and refined dishes cooked exclusively for you and your guests, all in full respect of the privacy of your apartment or villa you have rented for the holidays.

Once the menu has been decided, your personal chef will take care of everything: from shopping to table service, to "mise en place", to the reorganization and cleaning of the kitchen. You will only have the task of relaxing and enjoying the company of your friends and guests.



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