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Palermo, for its urban structure of Arabic influence, with narrow streets and lanes, is very suited to be visited just walking.

But if you choose for a tour with private car, driver and guide, we certainly can accomodate it for you, according to your special needs, as well.

Our tours are highly personalized, for small groups, also for a party of two, on request and never tiring, suitable also for children and families.

We start from Piazza Politeama (Politeama Square) but we can change our schedule and meeting point according to your personal requests.

We pass through the old arabian markets Capo and Vucciria, to see where local people buy very fresh fish, vegetables and fruits, but also where you will realize that monuments and so precious Churches are there that you would never expect!

open-air market vucciria

We stop in Piazza G. Verdi where stands, in all its majesty, the largest theatre of Europe: the Theatre Massimo (exterior only)

Massimo Theatre Massimo Theatre exterior


Sicilian sweets!

Before going on, we will do a ''pit stop'' for a cannolo and coffee, our sweet specialities that you can not miss!

We enter inside the capo Market, active every day and plenty of fresh foods and fish, but also rich of hisory and several beautiful Churches.

Gelato break? Gelato break?

We go on to the Cathedral, full of signs of our history because of the many differents styles and witnesses on the facade.

palermo cathedral

From the Cathedral of Palermo, if you request it in advance when you book for the tour, we can go on to visit the Norman Palace and the Palatine Chapel inside it, jewel of the highest arab-norman art in Sicily.

Palace of the Normans


palermo cathedral duomo

We arrive at Vigliena square commonly known as Four Canti or Octagon or Theatre of the Sun which cuts exactly into four parts Palermo’s map.

Four Canti Vigliena Square

Four Canti -Vigliena Square

We stop in Piazza Bellini where you will discover how several different monuments and churches from different ages can survive in the same time and facing each others: La Martorana, San Cataldo, Santa Caterina with Cloister, XI, XII and XVI cent.

Church of San Cataldo Church of San Cataldo (sx Church of Martorana)

In Piazza Pretoria we will enter in the Palazzo of the Mayor, rich of beauty and history, unique example in the world of a pubblic palazzo with a Chapel inside.

In the Mayor's room! In the Mayor's room!

Church of Martorana

Church of Martorana

We pass after the Church along Via Vittorio Emanuele: Flea Market, Ss Salvatore, San Matteo, San joseph of Theatins, piazza Bologni with hansome palazzos: Palazzo Alliata, Chiaramonte, Riso and the Statue of king Charles V.

Piazza della Vergona Pretoria Square Piazza della Vergogna - Pretoria Square


Street food Palermo


Street food Palermo


Finally we cross the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, overcome the Teatro Biondo (Biondo Theatre) and descend through one of the most characteristic steps of Palermo, Discesa Caracciolo (Caracciolo descent), to arrive in the heart of the historic market Vucciria and so near our location.

Flea Market Palermo Palermo Flea Market

We visit the market and continue to the Piazza San Domenico (Saint Domenic square).

Saint Domenic church

Saint Domenic Church

Tour of the Church of San Domenico*

At lunch time we arrive at our beautiful home where you will be our special guests. There you will enjoy our rich sicilian typical lunch of 5 dishes, prepared only for you by our Chef Donna Patricia: panelle, sfincione, pasta al forno, caponata, always with a good Sicilian wine or other beverage of your choice.

We will conclude our lunch with zibibbo wine, sicilian almond biscuits, the best cassatelle of ricotta cheese, and coffee mocha espresso.

If I can be of any further help, please, call or send an email.  > contact


*The churches visited along the tour are usually open, if not we are not responsible.

** For religious sites, it is recommended for everyone to cover up on reverence.

*** Due to timing the visit of the interior to the Museums, Theaters and some palaces is not made, the accesses are possible by appointment only for personalised and exclusive tours.


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