Palermo Foodie
Palermo Foodie

Meet foodie Palermo by Cucuncio!

The best way to taste authentic local food, and meet a local chef to have a real foodie experience with people coming from all corners of the world, is to enjoy a home cooked meal. ''Cucuncio'' Supper Club, is a chance to do just this.
I am an experienced sicilian cook and I use just seasonal/regional ingredients and from‘’market to table’’.
Join me at the CUCUNCIO, and know the foodie Palermo to enjoy this unique home food experience. That' s the best way to taste the local good food, very different than in a typical restaurant, in a warm and welcoming athmosphere. Cucuncio is a srt of ''hidden restaurant'' inside a very charming home, with a gorgeous view on a most beautiful square in the historical centre of Palermo. Here you may join with other people, travelling from all corners of the world who, just like you, are searching for a truly memorable meal.
The cuisine of Sicily, ‘cucina siciliana’, is dedicated to showing of the fruitful offerings of the rich Sicilian ground and Sea area, such as eggplants, artichokes, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, lemons and oranges and watermelon, fresh fish, and much more.
Likewise, to have a meal by Cucuncio, means to get experienced and realize how regional is the cooking of Italy, and how different is the Sicilan one, thanksfully to the many historical influences!
Join me for a comfortable and intimate dinner with passionate people of good home-cooked food, and share the table with others coming from all parts of the world for a unique experience. It will be one of the best foodie pop-ups of your journey. See you!


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